Qigong energy healing can help animals.  Animals just like humans get energy blockages caused by lack of exercise, anxiety, stress, bad eating habits and injuries.  Animals receive energy healing better than people because they are less resistance than people.  Qigong can help animals balance physical and emotional energy. Qigong does not have side effects and it is complementary to veterinarian care.

Benefits include:
• Pain relief 
• Can help with anxiety and depression
• Help the healing process after injury or surgery
• Reduce pain and discomfort from cancer or leukemia and their treatments
• Improve immune system
• End stage care

Video of Qigong treatment for dog

These are pictures of Ed.  Ed is a horse that injured his hoof.  His vet told his owner that it would take a year to heal.  Ken Kramer did Qigong treatments while his owner documented Ed's healing from day one to 42.  You can view his progress by day 42 on these pictures