Qigong can balance pets physical and emotional energy. It will not cause harm, has no side effects, and can be used in conjunction with other holistic therapies or conventional medical treatments.

Animals are more receptive to Qigong healing and it allows for sessions to be more productive. Animals respond very well to the treatments. The response from the animals is the proof that it works. 
Animal energy healing is more easily transmitted and received because animals tend to have less resistance.

Benefits include:
• Ease chronic painful conditions such as arthritis or joint pain
• Address emotional issues such as fear, separation anxiety, depression, or aggression
• Help the healing process after injury or surgery
• Reduce pain and discomfort from cancer or leukemia and their treatments
• Help an animal who has experienced abuse to recover from the trauma 
• Immune strengthening
• End stage care
As a preventive measure, to help your dog’s energy stay in balance

Video of Qigong treatment for dog

These are pictures of Ed.  Ed is a horse that injured his hoof.  His vet told his owner that it would take a year to heal.  Ken Kramer did Qigong treatments while his owner documented Ed's healing from day one to 42.  You can view his progress by day 42 on these pictures