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We have treated a wide range people with numerous conditions. See what they have to say!

A small green leaf

“It was amazing, Ana calmed down during the treatment and actually fell asleep.  She seemed much better the next day also.  Ana has had many surgeries and this the first time I have ever seen her so calm and happy within the first few days of surgery.”

– Pain,  Corrinne Fogg

“As I get older I have a lot of problems with my body. I have had shoulder, neck, and foot problems. I am overall in very good health. When I am in pain, he has treated me and every time I get better and better. He is very good helping people, making their body balanced and treating their problems.”

– Pain,  Xi Yun Li

“My daughter-in-law, received Qigong treatments from Ken Kramer while she was in a coma.  She suffered from Lupus, and her heart stopped beating twice.  She ended up in the hospital seven months after having a baby.  After a few treatments, she started moving her feet and then she came out of the coma.”

– Coma,  Higia Fallon

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