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 A Few Words About Master Ken Kramer

Kenneth Kramer is a Qigong Master who has been practicing Qigong for over twenty years.  His goal is to help you achieve optimum health.  Qigong can help you balance the energy within your body and feel well to enjoy every day of your life.
Kenneth also treat pets including horses, dogs and cats.

Testimonial from Dr Mitch Sadar
Licensed Psychologist; Clinical Director Sadar Psychological and Sports Center; President of the Board Northeast Region Biofeedback Society

I did not know much about Qigong, so it was with curiosity and no expectations that I agreed to try a treatment massage with Ken Kramer.  During the initial massage I was surprised at the amount of discomfort I felt as pressure was applied to certain areas, especially in my lower legs.  I felt lighter and looser following the massage.  The following
morning however, my legs felt extremely heavy, to the point it was difficult to do my morning run.  That feeling dissipated throughout the day.  That experience convinced me to pursue a series of “treatments."  After three or four treatments, the achiness in my joints was noticeably reduced, and I felt looser. Also, I began to experience emotional releases during my meditation practice that I had not experienced in several years.  After 6 treatments, the emotional
releases are continuing and joints that had bothered me for years are much less painful. I would highly recommend this type of massage. It’s effect upon me has been much more beneficial than other massages I have tried.
Testimonial From Xi Yun Li

Kenneth Kramer is a senior student of Master Faxiang Hou. He has studied with Master Hou practicing and treating patients for more than twenty years.
Studying with Master Hou and treating patients has allowed Ken to gain a lot of experience. I am Ken's patient. He has treated me for more than two years. Starting with my right arm, wrist, and hand. After he treated me three to five times all the problems were gone. As I get older I have alot of problems with my body. I have had shoulder, neck, and foot problems. Every time I am in pain, he has treated me and every time I get better and better. He is very good helping people, making their body balanced and treating their problems.


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