Our Story

Mr. Ken Kramer smiling for a picture while wearing a blue polo shirt.

Holistic Qigong Foundation was founded in 2017 by Kenneth Kramer (DMQ, MMQ). Kramer is a member of both the National Qigong Association and the Qigong Institute.

Kenneth Kramer has been studying Qigong for over 30 years, mastering two different styles of Qigong. Master Kramer originally practiced Qigong privately, treating only friends and family. This changed after June of 2012, when Ken’s six year old son fell off a horse and suffered serious injury to his head while visiting family in the mountains of Panama. The only way to get his son to medical care was on horseback.

The trip took about four hours to complete, and Kramer performed Qigong on his son the entire time. Despite the huge delay in the reconstructive brain surgery, his son fully recovered; the doctors still cannot explain how he survived. Realizing the potential of his treatments, Ken decided to divert attention from his investments and business ventures to focus on helping other people.