A small green leaf

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A small green leaf

I decided to take this class out of curiosity and continued with the class because of the nice way I felt after doing the exercises. Movement in my left arm had been good but somewhat limited as result of shoulder injuries from an accident about thirty years ago. In fact, I was quite happy to be able to move the arm at all, after the doctor’s sad flawed prognosis. Then suddenly one day, during an exercise in class, there was my left arm – amazingly raised equally high and perfectly parallel to the right!

– Carrol Mitchell (treated for pain)

“I have known Kenneth Kramer for almost 25 years. We met while studying Qi Gong. Over the years I have know him to be of the highest character: trustworthy, responsible, honest and caring. He is also a skilled applied Qi Gong practitioner and an excellent teacher.  I was very fortunate to receive Qi Gong therapy treatments from Mr. Kramer for close to seven years starting in 2009 and ending 2017 when I moved away from the Philadelphia area.”

– Susan Heineman (treated for pain)

5 stars!! I have endured constant pain all my life, especially in my shoulder and neck. After my first treatment with Ken Kramer of Holistic QiGong Foundation, I felt refreshed, invigorated, relaxed, and rejuvenated. Ken is really a master of ancient Chinese medicine! I had a feeling like I could do anything that I previously would have thought twice about, due to chronic physical pain. The vigorous physical pressure applied to my body by Ken during the treatment was just what I needed, as I can appreciate a deep massage, but Ken assured me that the intensity could be seasoned to taste if need be. I greatly enjoyed the “pulling”, which is super relaxing. One feels as though they see and feel their qi flowing, guided by Ken through non-contact gestures, through passages unlocked by the corresponding physical massage part of the process. The comprehensive treatment involved my entire body, literally head to toe, and I cherished every second of it. It is truly like a YouTube ASMR video come to life! Another aspect I appreciated is the digestive system aiding maneuvers. It is not too uncommon for me that I wake up with stomachaches. I felt great the morning after my treatment. This felt like a special bonus in addition to easing my bothersome neck pains. I have stopped in at massage parlours in Chinatown in Philadelphia and elsewhere, but none hold a candle to Ken with regard to the degree competency and professionalism exhibited. Overall, I give a 5 star rating to the services performed by Ken Kramer and the contribution of the Holistic QiGong Foundation to the community. I will be a regularly returning client as soon as possible!

– Max Aronow (treated for pain)

“My daughter-in-law, received Qigong treatments from Ken Kramer while she was in a coma.  She suffered from Lupus, and her heart stopped beating twice.  She ended up in the hospital seven months after having a baby.  After a few treatments, she started moving her feet and then she came out of the coma.”

– Higia Fallon (treated her daughter-in-law’s coma)