Energy Healing For Animals

golden retriever puppy

How can Qigong Help My Pet?

Animals, like humans, get energy blockages caused by lack of exercise, anxiety, stress, bad eating habits and injuries. Animals often respond to Qigong better than people.

Qigong can help animals balance physical and emotional energy. Qigong does not have side effects and it is complementary to veterinarian care.

What Are The Benefits?

Meet Ed The Horse

Here, you’ll find pictures of Ed the Horse. He injured his hoof, and his veterinarian told his owner that it would take a year to heal. Through Qigong healing for animals, we were able to heal his injuries over a 42 day period. His owner documented the healing over this time frame. Here are the pictures documenting that progress:

Sessions are only performed at your location. 

Price varies by travel distance.